What’s the role of the FAC?

The Family Advisory Committee (FAC) is comprised of family members who represent the concerns of caregivers with a loved one dealing with mental health and/or addiction issues. Our role is to provide the family perspective to members of the Addictions Mental Health Network of Champlain (AMHNC) to ensure that caregivers will be considered as partners in treatment and recovery processes. In this role the FAC will provide consultation, support, guidance to the AMHNC and may make recommendations in regard to system issues and suggested enhancements.


We believe INCREASED recognition is needed in these FOUR areas…

Increased Family Services

More Family Peer Support

Making Families Partners in Their Loved One’s Care

Incorporating the Family Perspective System-wide

About the Family Advisory Committee


initiatives to strengthen care for the families of people suffering from mental health diseases and substance use disorders. Early and meaningful support of the family offers benefits for both their loved ones in treatment and the health care system as a whole, This, in turn, can result in the following improvements…

• Better overall health outcomes
• Greater chance of recovery
• Increased caregiver capacity
• Reduced caregiver burnout
• Reduced homelessness
• Fewer ER visits
• Fewer readmissions
• Fewer police interventions
• Less demand on justice system   
  and correctional services